Make the Jewish month of Kislev a time to commit to kindness and shine some light into the world.

#kislevisforkindness was created to combat negativity by performing acts that build love, community, and mutual connections.
Our Kislev calendar lists different acts of kindness to be performed each day of the month, which can be adapted to meet your interests and routines.


Spread Kindness

Join us in performing kind deeds during the Jewish month of Kislev. This can be achieved on an individual or community level. We ask that people just do something.


Inspire Others

When people share their acts of kindness using #kislevisforkindness, we promote them on our website and social media. Through sharing, we inspire others to add kindness into their lives and community.


Volunteer Opportunities

Through our website and social media, we are creating a community in which kind-doers can connect to generate volunteerism, networking, and kindness programming around the wold.

Today’s #kislevisforkindness

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