The Creation of #kislevisforkindness

Every year we look forward to the Jewish month of Kislev - a month that coincides with the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year, but which also coincides with the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, whose primary theme is that light can illuminate the darkness. While we look forward to gathering with our friends and family to celebrate the miracle of Chanukah each year, this year, the beginning of Kislev felt a little different.

Mass shootings, political turmoil, and natural disasters were all over the news, putting a dark cloud over what is usually a joyous time.

We decided to make a small effort to alleviate the pain that so much of us are feeling by initiating #kislevisforkindness, a campaign designed to combat negativity by performing acts that build love, community, and mutual connections. Our Kislev calendar lists different acts of kindness to be performed on each day of the month, which can be adapted to meet your interests and routines. As you complete the daily challenge or add an act of kindness into your day, your #kislevisforkindness acts can be shared on social media so that others can be inspired by your good deeds.

Since launching on Facebook and Instagram last Thursday afternoon, we have received hundreds of shares, comments, and likes, more than 160 daily newsletter subscribers, and over 2,700 page views. Our facebook group, #kislevisforkindness, has become a place for members to not only share images of their completed challenges, but also post about needs in their communities, and has become a platform to generate opportunities for volunteerism. Individuals, synagogues, schools, and community organizations across the world are sharing our #kislevisforkindness calendar, and are also adding programming to complement it. Our campaign has drawn interest from people of various faiths, observance levels, and ideologies, who may not celebrate Chanukah, but who do share with us a common goal to bring more kindness into the world in small but profoundly impactful ways. We view the global response to our campaign as a testament to the fact that people are looking for ways to add kindness to our world.

If you would like to join our challenge, please subscribe to our daily newsletter at We would also be glad to provide you or your organization with ideas if you are planning to develop programming to complement the #kislevisforkindness campaign. We can be reached at

Finally, we would love to see what you create! Please share your completed challenges with us on social media using #kislevisforkindness so we can share your ideas and enthusiasm with others!