6 Kislev: Donate cans to a food pantry

Today's #kislevisforkindness challenge is to donate canned food to a food pantry. With the holidays right around the corner, many families will be turning to these pantries for help with their meals.

Here are simple ways to complete the challenge:

  • Identify a local drop off point - Contact your local food pantries to find the best place to drop off your donation. Does your local grocery store have donation bins? When you shop, make an effort to pick up extra non-perishable food items to put in the donation bins after check out.

  • If you are buying cans to donate, consider purchasing the foods that may be most desirable this time of year. Many food banks are requesting
    items that families would want for Thanksgiving supper, such as cranberry sauces, pumpkin puree, and beans.

  • You don't need to go to a store to find cans: Purge your pantry! Identify cans that can be donated, don't let them go to waste!

  • Can't get to the grocery store? Consider a small donation to a local food pantry. Check out Feeding America to find your local food bank.

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