14 Kislev: Be Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving from #kislevisforkindness. Make today a day to be mindful of all the people and events that got you to where you are today. Show your gratitude to those around you and those you are thinking about today. 

If celebrating, make sure to be grateful to those you are dining with for cooking and sharing your meals.

We are so grateful to all of you for sharing your kindness with us. Here's a quick #kislevisforkindness story of inspiration.

On Monday afternoon, a member in our Facebook group posted that Thanksgiving dinner for 10 adolescent boys was needed after their original catered donation fell through. Within 12 hours, members of our group mobilized to pull together a feast for these boys to make sure they have a happy holiday. This is what #kislevisforkindness is all about. 

Please make sure to join our Facebook group to share any volunteer opportunities you may know of in your community. 

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